Redevelopment and Sustainable Housing

Having a lasting impact in our own community is at the forefront of our practice; demonstrated through the breadth and scope of our engagements within our region and through the work that we do in our own backyard. There is no area where this is more evident than through our focused work on Building Communities and is especially evident with our Sustainable Housing projects. For over a decade, VIA has built long term relationships with regional Redevelopment and Housing Authorities and a variety of non-profit housing organizations with focuses on low-income, mixed-income, homeless focused, Veterans with disabilities, and supportive housing. The common theme with all these organizations is that each has a mission and vision for betterment; to improve the lives of those they serve by offering quality, affordable, and sustainable housing.

These projects range in size, from transforming an underutilized courtyard or adding a covered entryway, to new construction mid-rise apartment buildings. The new construction projects that we’ve done for our non-profit partners have been made possible through the Virginia Housing’s Low-Income-Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. The designs meet a set of baseline quality standards, but many choose to go above and beyond the baseline and incorporate sustainable design elements, bringing intelligent design to affordable housing. We have designed multiple renovation and new construction projects to achieve Earthcraft Multifamily certification, incorporating photovoltaic panels, solar hot water systems, energy efficient heating and cooling, energy recovery systems, responsible sourcing of materials, and efficient use of materials into their designs. All of this not only improves the design aesthetic, but increases the efficiency of the building, thus reducing operation costs and making it more affordable. It is a holistic approach where design, materiality, durability, efficiency, affordability, and resiliency are all intertwined to achieve a goal of truly sustainable housing.

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