VIA + GWWO Earn HRACRE Excellence Award for Best Conceptual Design

1 Rhythm B

"Rhythm" Concept - Daytime Rendering

1 Rhythm C

"Rhythm" Concept - Nighttime Rendering

1 Rhythm Site

"Rhythm" Concept - Site Proposal

2 Beat A

"Beat" Concept - Daytime Rendering

2 Beat C

"Beat" Concept - Nighttime Rendering

2 Beat Site

"Beat" Concept - Site Proposal

3 Melody A

"Melody" Concept - Daytime Rendering

3 Melody C

"Melody" Concept - Nighttime Rendering

3 Melody Site

"Melody" Concept - Site Proposal

4 Harmony A

"Harmony" Concept - Daytime Rendering

4 Harmony C

"Harmony" Concept - Nighttime Rendering

4 Harmony Site

"Harmony" Concept - Site Proposal

VIA + GWWO are honored to have received the Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate (HRACRE) Award of Excellence for Best Conceptual Design on the Chrysler Hall + Scope Plaza Visioning project. The judges were impressed by the fact the design team provided the City of Norfolk with four well thought out plans and approaches. While none of these concepts are becoming a reality, improvements for Chrysler Hall and the plaza are still planned and we look forward to incorporate some of the visioning ideas into the final project.

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