The Essex: VIA’s Home

The Essex, VIAs home, has been standing in the heart of downtown Norfolk since 1905We go behind the scenes on how we approached blending a modern workplace with a historic structure in Inform magazine. Check it out!

INFORM Article | Essex Case Study

2nd floor center + hallway

2nd Floor Hallway, Living Room, And Breakout Space

2nd floor center

2nd Floor Living Room

Historic - Office

Historic Office c. 1910s (photographer unknown)

Construction - 2nd Floor Hives

2nd Floor Offices During Construction

Construction - 2nd Floor - Hive 206

2nd Floor Office Under Construction

2nd floor office

2nd Floor Office

Previous Owner - 3rd Floor Corridor East Looking West

3rd Floor Hallway Prior To Renovation

Construction - 2nd Floor Hallway

2nd Floor Hallway During Construction

3rd floor center + hallway

3rd Floor Hallway And Conference Room

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