VIA’s Support of Non-Profits

Everyone deserves great design!  Non-profits are mission driven organizations, each with a focus on a particular goal. Because of this, their support groups are strong and connected in their vision.  They are engaged, excited, and optimistic for the opportunities that lie ahead.  Working with these groups is an exciting opportunity to bring the design process to the organization and those they serve.

Non-profits exist to serve a wide variety of beneficiaries; these groups often include children, homeless populations, and even animals, just to name a few!  Careful consideration of proper planning and design elements to custom-tailor the final solution to these groups presents an exciting challenge.  The results are a building or campus that serve the end users and represent the non-profit’s personality, culture, and brand through great design!

“Non-profit organizations are vital parts to our communities because they provide support and basic services for many in need, yet their facilities are often overlooked and become a jumble of donated equipment, supplies and sheds. The people who work and volunteer their time should have a space that reflects their passion and hard work while improving the efficiency of their day-to-day activities through creative design solutions tailored to each non-profit’s specialized needs. Working on these projects have not only been extremely meaningful because of the importance of non-profits but has allowed me to learn about activities and needs of various fields outside of architecture and challenged me to find architectural solutions to enhance the efficiency, culture and brand of each.” -Rachel Julius | Project Designer, VIA