VIA’s Focus on Sustainability

VBP+R - Geothermal

Geothermal Well Field @ Virginia Beach Parks+Rec

Thoroughgood Elementary - Rainwater

Rainwater Capture and Retention @ Thoroughgood Elementary

VBP+R - Daylighting

Daylighting Study @ Virginia Beach Parks+Rec

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Sustainability has been a core focus at VIA design architects for years, stemming from our expertise in waterfront design to advances in high performance buildings. We are now happy to announce a new area on our website to showcase our experiences, our research, and our progress in helping transform our region towards a more sustainable future. We are sharing our Sustainable Action Plan as both evidence of our commitment as well as a roadmap for continued growth, exploration, and leadership for a better built environment. Efficient and environmentally responsible buildings and construction practices are critical to the long-term success, viability, and character of the region. We at VIA design are positioned to directly impact the embodied energy and carbon in our cities, and we are continually in search of the best solutions for our clients and communities. We are excited in this pursuit, in the commitment to the 2030 Challenge, and doing our part to push the building industry forward.