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Adaptive Reuse, Space Programming


HRACRE Award for Best Renovated Historic Rehabilitation Project

The Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority (PRHA) works to offer affordable housing, facilitate redevelopment, and revitalize communities within the City of Portsmouth. When the time came for the Authority to relocate their own headquarters, the renovation of an existing 1970s office building at 3116 South Street in Midtown Portsmouth allowed PRHA to be more centrally located, establish their presence in the community, and to practice what they preach about thoughtful reuse within the urban fabric of their city – ultimately serving as a catalyst for future development.

PRHA’s choice of location came with numerous challenges. Chief among these was purely the amount of space available in the new location. Their existing facility occupied two floors and 50% more space than the new location, and with the same amount of employees moving there, efficient use of the structure was paramount throughout the design. Organization of offices, conference rooms, utilities, and common spaces all had to work towards the goal of a comfortable office that occupies just two-thirds of the footprint of PRHA’s former location.

Utilizing our proven feasibility study processes, site and building analysis tools, 3D visualization, and through extensive collaboration with PRHA, VIA proved that through careful, intentional planning and select renovations, the building could provide a functional and vibrant space to meet PRHA’s needs. With the introduction of a large window wall and multiple light monitors on the roof, VIA infused a large amount of natural light into the building, dramatically bringing light into corridors that would otherwise be dimly lit. Coupled with bright, durable finishes throughout and an integral sunshade system, the resulting space provides vibrancy and comfort to all staff members, regardless of their location within the building.

VIA specializes in seeing the potential in an existing site or building and PRHA’s new headquarters serves as a model of VIA’s ability to transform a derelict building into a new place, with refined detailing, clean lines, daylight, and an efficient, effective layout, PRHA now has a home that demonstrates their organization’s goals and vision and is functional and beautiful.

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Main Entrance And Signage Detail

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Interior Before Renovation

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