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Ocean View Wayfinding

Oceanview Wayfinding and 9th Bay Beach Access


Wayfinding + Signage

The combined effects of pedestrian use and winds coming directly off the Chesapeake Bay were clearly evident at the dunes at 9th Bay Street in Norfolk, VA. The cycle of vegetation loss, followed by sand loss and dune blowout on the bayside and sand accretion on the landward side has been accelerating for years. Our landscape architects* designed an elevated wooden overwalk structure to allow controlled pedestrian access in a manner that protects dense tree cover, facilitates dune revegetation and sand stabilization. The completely redesigned prototype boardwalk and railing design are also being applied at other locations across Ocean View to create a discernible beach access network for residents and visitors alike.

As part of the 9th Bay project we also designed prototypical wayfinding and regulatory signs for a new beach access wayfinding initiative throughout Ocean View. Selected by civic league and City representatives from a range of alternatives, the bright colored, sail-inspired signage have been well received by not only the public, but also police, emergency responders and others having to report locations quickly and accurately.

*This work was done by InSites prior to joining forces with VIA

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9th Bay Beach Access Stairs And Signage From The Beach Side

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9th Bay Beach Access And Signage From Street Side


Oceanview Wayfinding Signage Graphics

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Edited in PS-6902 copy
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