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Norfolk Towing and Operations Center


Public, Redevelopment, Refurbishment

The City of Norfolk Towing Operations Center relocated into an existing 8,000 SF, 4-bay garage structure. This project focused on the adaptive re-use of an existing building owned by the city that was used only for storage in recent years.  VIA design transformed the structure, creating a visible identity for the Towing and Recovery users.

A screening element was constructed on the exterior of the building to assist in sunshading of the large openings on the south and west facades. This screen also calls attention to the building and differentiates it from the adjacent city maintenance buildings. 

The project included a large amount of site work and reorientation of entry onto the site. A twenty space parking lot was added west of the building for staff and visitors. Roads leading to the tow yard, auction yard, and adjacent maintenance facility were reconfigured to create clear delineations between functions and reduce confusion for drivers entering the site.

Additional fencing, gates, lighting, surveillance, and other site amenities were also added to increase the level of security on the site. 

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Redesigned Operations Center

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Operations Center Before Renovation


Operations Center Entry Way Detail

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