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Lesner Bridge


Waterfront Development, Site Planning

Over the course of 12 years, our landscape architects* provided landscape architectural and aesthetic design services for this major bridge replacement, helping to define the visual theme and details of the signature art bridge. A major goal of the project is to provide safer and more accessible circulation for pedestrians and cyclists as well as vehicles, while maintaining and enhancing the unique visual character of the area. Design challenges include enhancing the motorist’s and non-motorist’s experience, improving safety and accessibility of the beach areas under the bridge, and re-establishing of coastal dune plants. Our services included visual analysis for the environmental document, planting, and irrigation plans, wall art, community involvement, and construction services.
Lesner Bridge was highlighted in a Roads and Bridges article by Tim Burns, Nov 2019 including the following quote.
“The aesthetic features and lighting designs along the bridge attract the attention of residents and tourists in the area. “People really love coming to the bridge—more than just crossing over the top, it becomes an experience sitting underneath the bridge and seeing the lights from the beach,” Wojtowicz said. “It’s very majestic looking from the beach, seeing these aesthetic lights. It makes an impression on folks that see it.”

The public reception just goes to show that Virginia Beach has successfully established its gateway into the city.”

*This work was done by InSites prior to joining forces with VIA

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Edit-1-1024x575 VB Drone

Lesner Bridge Area Development From Above

Edit-1-1024x575 VB Drone

Lesner Bridge Area Development From Above

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Edit-1-1024x575 VB Drone
Edit-1-1024x575 VB Drone
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