Internships at VIA

Intern Fellowship Program

To promote project exposure, we have developed an Intern Fellowship Program for our summer interns. This program features an intern led project that integrates with an ongoing VIA project. 

Summer 2024

Our 2024 Intern Fellowship Project will focus on one of our project differentiators, Building Communities. We will focus on our multi-family, supportive housing projects and will be exploring the new AI tools to see how our work can be supported by these new tools.

If you’re interested in being a part of this fun and impactful Summer Internship, please fill out this form and either upload or email a current resume and portfolio (or link) to We will evaluate your initial submittal and follow up with you if we need additional information, or to schedule an interview. 

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Summer 2023 - Unpacking the ToolBox

Laura Read

Saeed Sakhdarki

Sam Kohlmann

Zoque Wahid

2023 Intern Fellows

Project Overview

Some of the most widely used words in design professions and the general public – resilience, sustainability, and equity –  are also some of the most broadly interpreted, and misinterpreted. With a myriad of tools, ratings and certifications, advocates, organizations and professional societies, how do we as designers approach and advocate better solutions and measure our impacts? How do we decide which tools are most appropriate for which projects? How do we inform and influence our clients and prospective clients of the value of these approaches? How do we communicate these complex processes and outcomes clearly and beautifully through narrative and graphics?

2022 - Focusing your Energies

Ainish Sheth

Beatrice Nzeyimana

2022 Fellowship Objectives:

To analyze regional climate data and create a sustainable design resource which will guide VIA’s sustainable design approach, educate others in the profession, and provide the data needed to encourage clients to pursue sustainable design in their projects.

The Challenge:

How do our regional climate conditions affect our design decisions?

What are the most effective design responses to our regional climate conditions?

What tools can be used or developed to aid our sustainable design approach throughout the design process?

How can we comprehensively communicate our findings internally at VIA, within the profession, and to clients?

2021 - The HULL Story

Rachel Julius

Haoye Xu

Jada Crittendon

Ethan Curtis

2021 Fellowship Objectives:

Roll forward the Fort Monroe Waterfront Re-Development as a benchmark project for building an integrated family of flood plain design solution proposals.

The Challenge:

How does one design and permit an accessible building like the 90-room hotel over water (not inclusive of VMRC + Joint Permit Application requirements)?  

How does one design and permit the adaptive re-use of the construction type present in building FM204 + FM205 to meet the 2015or18 Energy Code, comply with Executive Order 45, and satisfy the Secretary Department of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Structures?

How does one design and permit an addition to a building like FM205 to comply with Executive Order 45 and satisfy the Secretary Department of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Structures?

Fort Monroe - Existing Conditions

Fort Monroe - Existing Conditions

2nd floor center

Fort Monroe - Proposed Marina District Redevelopment

Historic - Office

Fort Monroe - Site Visit

Fort Monroe - Hospitality Improvements

Fort Monroe - Hospitality Improvements

Fort Monroe - Site Visit

Fort Monroe - Site Visit

Fort Monroe - Marina Improvements

Fort Monroe - Marina Improvements

Fort Monroe - Site Visit

Fort Monroe - Site Visit

Fort Monroe - Marina Improvements

Fort Monroe - Marina District Improvements

Fort Monroe - Site Visit

Fort Monroe - Site Visit

HULL Story - Internal Meeting

Check-in Meeting with Firm Leadership

Fort Monroe - Presentation to Fort Monroe

Presentation to Client and Fort Monroe Authority

Fort Monroe - Presentation to VIA

Presentation to VIA staff

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Internship & Mentorship at VIA

The Summer Intern position provides an exciting opportunity to play a meaningful role in providing technical development, sustainable strategies, and contributions to the design and production of architectural projects under the direct supervision of the project manager or principal in charge. This is an in-person position for those pursuing architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, or related degrees wherein the intern will be spending most of their time one to one with a principal shadowing and having the opportunity to hear different conversations. They will work collaboratively with various project teams of architects, interior designers, and engineers and will be encouraged to be an active part of our team.

Our principals and staff invest in giving our interns a valuable experience in different parts of the industry such as: pre-design field work, construction administration, client meetings, construction site visits, and design exercises in the office. Our goal is to inspire new designers and provide a meaningful experience that equips each intern with valuable lessons that will help launch their careers after graduation. We are excited to welcome fresh ideas and new approaches to our firm!  We’re always inspired by the fresh perspectives and skills our interns bring to the firm, and enjoy learning something new through the process.

In addition to our normal project work, we set aside at least one day a week for interns to work on a Fellowship Project. The Fellowship Project allows our team of interns with different backgrounds to collaborate on a project together throughout the summer and learn from each other. The Fellowship objective is for each intern to leave with a wealth of gained knowledge and a completed piece to carry forward into their portfolio. We offer our interns the autonomy to perform research, develop, and present their own deliverables to support a project or initiative within the firm. 

Please email your resume and cover letter with the applicable position in the subject.

Why Live, Work, and Play in Norfolk?

 Our office is located in the heart of Downtown Norfolk within the Norfolk Innovation Corridor. This offers many different opportunities to commute to the office, such as walking or biking the Elizabeth River Trail, taking the Elizabeth River Ferry or the Tide, Norfolk’s light rail We are a 2-minute walk from Granby Street which has many the best restaurants in Downtown Norfolk. We are located minutes away from Fort Norfolk, the Neon Arts District, Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Virginia Zoo, Waterside District, and the Harbor Park area. We are a 7-minute drive from Ghent, a neighborhood that provides a suburban experience in the city. Norfolk is one of the greatest and most resilient waterfront cities in the world. The climate is enjoyable all year round, a great opportunity to enjoy the many trails and local beaches.

Virginia Tech W_Internship 2023

Looking for something fun, educational, and resume-boosting over your holiday break? Then sign up now for Virginia Tech’s W_Internship Program and apply to be one of VIA’s winter interns!
Our interns will be fully immersed in the day-to-day happenings at VIA and experience what it takes to be an architect, interior designer, or landscape architect in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced industry.
We are currently reviewing applications and look forward to sharing an update soon!