Our Practice

VIA design focuses on collaborating with clients, communities, and local organizations to design impactful, elevated architecture and landscape architecture. We are client focused, site driven, and dynamic in skill. We believe in bringing the best imaginable idea forward and celebrating that journey.

Our clients are more than customers, they are partners. We take great pride in the relationships we build as we would be nowhere without these strong relationships. Through a collaborative process we gain unique insights into our client’s needs and create designs that fully embrace and reflect the client’s core culture.

As a firm, we plan and design projects that range from large public spaces to small private properties. Regardless of project size, type, or market segment we believe that each design is anchored by the surrounding environment and cultural elements. This practice enables each project to be a unique piece of architecture that fits our client’s needs and surrounding environment.

Our design team is creative and nimble in the ability to adapt to new environments and challenges. VIA transformed the Essex, a structure permitted for construction in 1905 in Downtown Norfolk, to become our new home and design headquarters. We honored the original design elements and structural intention of the building while simultaneously “future proofing” it. This piece of demonstrational architecture exemplifies our mission to inspire, design, and elevate the daily lives of our clients and the surrounding communities. VIA’s growth in leadership and expansion of services to include landscape architecture and site planning, along with the enhancement of our interior design capabilities, graphic design capabilities, and wayfinding and branding services, allows us to offer a full suite of essential design services. These integrated services enhance each project’s potential and enables us to further care for our client’s design needs to help them find the unrealized potential before them.

The VIA Team


Our Mission, Vision, Philosophy, and Values


“Inspire, design, and elevate” the daily lives of our clients and the communities we embrace. We believe imagining together is foundational to creating enduring relationships.


Curate an experience for our clients and communities of positive inspirations, a new awareness of “why” design matters, and an elevated appreciation for impactful architecture and site design.


We believe in bringing the very best imaginable idea forward and celebrating that journey!


  • A positive, respectful, and collegial environment for our team
  • Impactful, healthy lifestyle habits that attract, support, and nurture
  • Doing the right thing
  • The honor of our profession and the unrealized potential before us