Early Education Impacts

Designing for (and with) children is fun and exciting!  The design of places and spaces for young people provides a unique environment for them to explore, learn, and grow.  Their curiosity provides opportunities to use fun textures and bright colors to inspire confidence and optimism.  These same spaces serve staff and teachers with the tools necessary to perform their duties at the highest level.  The most exciting challenge in designing these spaces is to accomplish both functions seamlessly.  

How do architects bring these ideas together?  Through community workshops that involve students, teachers, parents, administrators, and many other stakeholders who will learn and work within these buildings.

“Bringing the students into the methodology was very innovative to the overall approach. They provided great insight in safety measures regarding the bus loop and drop off due to the high influx of walking + biking students. Every meeting sparked new energy in the staff, created excitement to see their ideas being considered and implemented into the design.”

– Emily Shubert, Art Teacher 

The impacts to early childhood education are vast.  Quality education provides a strong start for children, supporting the development of long-term self-sustaining practices that create better communities for the future. These include health and nutrition, goal-setting, and ecological practices that promote a sustainable environment.  The design of beautiful, functional environments for children to thrive in as they learn and grow is a rich and rewarding experience!

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