VIA’s Project Differentiators

At VIA we strive to create work that answers our client’s needs in a way that goes beyond standard. We believe that projects that go through our process carry certain attributes with them that separate them from other work. This care, insight, and expertise have been grouped into our PROJECT DIFFERENTIATORS to showcase some of the ways that your VIA project will be a unique fit for your needs.

Imagining Transformations

Transformations have been a part of VIA’s core values since the beginning. We believe that each project is an opportunity to transform our client’s thoughts, visions, and dreams into reality. These transformations are most evident in projects focused on working with an existing building or space and making it something special. An almost unique characteristic of Architecture is that it is both dynamic and static. In other words, architecture is static when viewed through individual buildings. It is dynamic when these buildings are viewed as instances of a continuum which derives from the past and projects into the future.

Curating Spaces and Places

We design beautiful spaces and places that respond to the existing context and transcends our clients unique identity. We look at the existing conditions and think about the property from the point of arrival. What are the attributes and assets at the onset of the project? Movement is driven by experience and how the sequence unfolds as you move through the property. What is important to discovering the path of guided movement? These contextual complexes are a collection of buildings and spaces in between. We launch ideas based on the opportunities and collection of unique uses and design something indisputable.

Working with Water

VIA’s history and expertise in flood plain resiliency comes from our 30-year focus and efforts on shifting our design practice to advancing how we think about our relationship with the land, our civic and environmental duty, and going beyond what is stipulated by authorities. Our response is moving out front and in pursuit of a paradigm shift. Marine architecture is an ancient science in which the structures’ performance leverages nature’s forces. This is reflective in preferred form, function, stability, and buoyancy. When we imagine our buildings as a vessel and our sites as the sea, how does our thinking change?

Building Communities

Having a lasting impact in our own community is at the forefront of our practice. Our client partners range from municipalities, Redevelopment and Housing Authorities, and non-profit organizations with focuses on homeless housing, Veteran housing, animal welfare, providing service dogs for Veterans and First-Responders, and environmental conservation. The common theme with all these organizations is that each has a mission and vision for betterment; to improve the lives of those they serve. This is how we practice. There is no greater honor than seeing these impactful projects in action; helping to build strong, vibrant communities with our neighbors.

Branding by Design

Throughout the design process, our clients truly learn their own BRAND. Our workshop approach engages city officials, leadership teams, staff, and community members to excavate their dreams. They observe first-hand how each idea of input becomes a transformational moment, key words take on a tangible physical presence, and the collective brain of ideas reveals their dream. The whole experience is magical for them. We simply provide them the conduit, tools, and guidance to obtain their dream. We have seen countless happy groups whom repeatedly speak to the “Architecture which reflects the image of an idea!”