VIA’s Practice Differentiators

WE ARE JUST 2.0 label – 1st design firm in VA (This is a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations managed the by International Living Future Institute-ILFI)

WE ARE DEVELOPERS … of excellent design: The ESSEX BUILDING + 30 years of design, leadership, citizen, and community service accolades

WE ARE CURATORS … of the engagement experience with a genuine interest in positive design inspirations

WE ARE BRANDERS … casting our clients’ identity through the image of an idea to elevate their organizational needs by design

WE ARE STEWARDS OF SENSITIVE SITES … with a keen eye on resiliency for waterfront, flood prone, and environmentally fragile settings

WE ARE 2030 COMMITTED … to AIA’s sustainable future environmental focused design goals

WE ARE EVOLVED … and transitioning to the next generation of designers

WE ARE INCLUSIVE … as known collaborators, team builders, and mentors to allow professional growth for the next generation and access to opportunity for all

WE ARE DIVERSE … with 4 complimentary services-Architecture, Landscape Architecture and site design, Interior Design, and Branding

WE ARE FUTURISTIC … with a keen eye on bringing the absolute best imaginable idea forward for our clients and celebrate that journey!

WE ARE A BENCHMARK FIRM … for others to observe, study, and mentor the results of dedicated demanding work for the long game

WE HONOR THE PROFESSION … and are proud to be recognized by our associations, the AIA and the ASLA, affiliates and colleagues

WE DO WHAT WE LOVE … and aim to build on that NOTE!